A most dramatic setting: Between the green slopes of the Maanschynkop mountains and a spit of land bordered by the glittering waters of the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, the bird-rich Klein River flows.

Tucked into the milkwood forest that fringes the southern banks, overlooking the tranquil lagoon waters, and within reach of Walker Bay, where Southern Right whales nurse their calves from July to November, Coot Club offers experiences as diverse as the species it nurtures.

Whether a sedentary nature lover, or more active and looking to paddle, cycle or swim, or just a foodie wanting to explore the gastronomic wonders and charming streetscapes of nearby Stanford village, you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long.


A choice of things to do; the freedom to do nothing. Views that empty the mind. Birds that make you reach for a book. The sound of the halyard clanking in the wind; the calm silence of a wild encounter.

To reach in and reach out. To cherish the quiet. To wear nothing but a sarong. Beach sand on your feet.

A reminder that this is life, not a dress rehearsal.


Less than 15 minutes from Coot Club, Stanford is a declared heritage conservation area, and one of the Cape’s best preserved villages.

Century-old cottages fronted with deep verandahs are edged with well-tended gardens, watered by leiwater channels. A delightful high street lined with second hand shops, and permeated with a foodie culture.

Winding through the village is the reed-fringed Klein River, frequented by water babies and abundant birdlife. Yellow-billed ducks float below burrows made by giant kingfishers, egrets and glossy ibis wing their way up and down the waterway… several ways to explore, from hiring a kayak to hitching a ride on a river cruise.